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As I promised, a long time ago, here’s the part 2 of my final graduate project

You can find part 1 HERE, it’s the poster ilustrations that come aside with the comics

I’m sooo lazy to explain all of them…here we go

Basically, it’s an object-book that you can craft your own stuff by yourself, every character from TF2 have a theme that’s kinda related to his personality or lore. Every materials you need to “craft” is inclued inside the book or the bag (with here’s is badly photoshoped because i’m a douche and forgot to take a photo of the origial, with it’s not with me anymore).

Scout - jumping bean, you can see how it work HERE, it’s kinda confusing without this video

Soldier - homemade paper medals

Pyro - homemade incense sticks (his comic page have vanilla scent too)

Demoman - smiley to clip in your pants and DIY party snaps

Heavy - chocolate mold and themed stencil

Engineer - themed paper engine template, you can see it done and working HERE, sorry for the low quality video. i don’t take credit for the engine, it was created by the paper genius Haruki Nakamura, i just made the re-skin. You can find the original here

Medic - homemad gummy, ingredients and mold (heart shaped) included

Sniper - DIY kaleidoscope

Spy - whiteboard like mask

Sorry for the long post and terrible english dudes, if you have any question ou curiosity about these just ask me, i’ll be happy to answer c: